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Pan-African Extended-Length Day/Night Cap

Pan-African Extended-Length Day/Night Cap

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**** Key Features : 

* 1' inch Elastic Band  around the cap

* Pan African Theme Cap (red, black, & green)

* Stretchable and Breathable Satin Material 30' inch in Length

* Elastic drawstring on top of the elastic band for maximum expansion & adjustments with lock

* Vibrant Colors with No fading of colors or shrinkage of material 

* Machine washer friendly 

**** Key Benefits: 

* Protect your locs from outside elements 

* Allow your locs to breathe 

* Caps can adjust for comfort 

* Can be worn as a loc soc or  turban without the excessive wrapping 

* Serves as a sleeping cap 

* Fashion Accessory

* Express black culture in a positive way all year around

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